Separation of Church and Birth Control?

The Roman Catholic Church prohibits sterilization. Many women, particularly those who have just had a baby, choose sterilization (also known as a tubal ligation) as a permanent form of birth control after they have decided not to have more children. This procedure is also very commonly performed immediately after a c-section (which accounts for 30% of all births these days) when a woman chooses it.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in Southeastern Arizona has recently partnered with Carondelet Health Network, a Catholic not-for-profit health care system that follows the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, as a condition of the partnership, the hospital will stop performing sterilization procedures. The CEO of Sierra Vista insists that ‘we are not taking away anyone’s rights,” and states that these procedures can be done in a doctor’s office.

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Bed Rest Court-Ordered?

Thank goodness for the ACLU. They have taken on the case of Samantha Burton, who at 25 weeks started experiencing premature labor and was told by her doctor to remain on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. When she explained that she had two toddlers at home and would unlikely be able to achieve complete bed rest and did not want to stay in the hospital, she was court ordered by the hospital to remain on bed rest to “preserve the life and health of [her] unborn child.” Sadly, she miscarried three days later.

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Anniversary of the “Night of Terror”

On November 15th 1917, the warden of Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to torture the women sufferagists who were being held there.  They had been thrown in jail for picketing Woodrow Wilson’s White house-trying to get the word out about a woman’s right to vote.  By the end of that night, many of the women were barely alive.

Being somewhat of a fan and student of the first american feminist era- the 1910’s and 20’s, I would just like to call your attention to the brave women who fought, and eventually won our right to vote.  I think it’s important to remember them.

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