My “Midwife Crisis”

Ok.  First off I would like to thank my buddy Vicki for coining the phrase “midwife crisis”.  She’s a funny gal, who happens to be very supportive of my decision to go back to school at age 40.  And it truly was a crisis…….

On Monday, I emailed the wonderful midwifery director to tell her that I would be re-applying to the program for May 2010.  (YAY!)

Although I have wanted this for 18 years, when I withdrew my first application last spring, I was somewhat relieved.  I hadn’t really re-visited my feelings on the subject too often, until just last Sunday when the overwhelming urge to birth babies came back and hit my like a ton of bricks.  Then, after a conversation with my hubby, it was decided that I needed to do this once-and-for-all.  Then I got scared- the sick to the stomach kind.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Wow!  The blank piece of ‘paper’ seems very large and ominous, but I suppose every blogger or author has had this moment. Here it goes…

Hi Everybody. My name is Lori and for the last eight years, I have been the COO and co-owner of a smallish web development and search engine marketing company in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am also the mother of three children, a partner in a successful marriage to my wonderful hubby Chris, and a former teacher, social worker, waitress, and Registered Nurse.

Back in 1991 I graduated from SUNY Albany (yes, I am that old) with a degree in English and Women’s Studies. It’s the women studies portion that changed my life.  That year, I decided the best way I could help disenfranchised women was to help empower them through birth.  I wanted to be a midwife.

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