CRAZY doctor!

This is just appalling. I think I will need to create another blog category called “bizarro”. Apparently one Dr. Alinson, of Orange County, California used a cauterizer to etch the name of a patient on her uterus during a hysterectomy so as not to get it confused with others. The patient wanted pictures of the operation because she suffered burns on her legs during the procedure (also bizarre). I am literally at a loss for words. Needless to say, he is being sued.

California? Why Say No to Midwives?

In California, what is supposed to be among the most ‘progressive’ of our 50 states, is banning certified nurse-midwives at at Camarillo Hospital– driven ‘by concerns of patient safety’. WHAT?

I guess they haven’t read the studies, or paid any attention to their own statistics. They cite the reason as ‘ doctors worry most about midwives who specialize in home births and rely on hospitals for backup when complications arise.’ But meanwhile, the midwives in question only do hospital birth. The change leaves only two hospitals in the county, St. John’s in Oxnard and Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, where midwives deliver babies.

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A Healthy New Approach To Health Care

This is a great New York Times magazine article about healthcare. Well, really it’s an article about one man (Brent James) who is trying to change health care by trying to standardize doctors approaches to certain health issues based on evidence. Apparently doctors don’t particularly care to be ‘standardized’ and his approach actually loses hospitals money but, patient outcomes are significantly better and his approaches eliminate waste in the form of needless tests and procedures.

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