Johns Hopkins Article on Nursing School 2.0

I have lived in my house for seven years and today I received some mail that was addressed to the former residents of my home.  It was an alumni publication from Johns Hopkins Nursing School.  Now, I have never received any such type publication in the last seven years so I was confused (was the person who lived here a nurse?  I didn’t know that), but I decided to read it as it pertained to nursing school.  The name of the article is Nursing School 2.0 and it deals with the issues that nursing schools are facing in educating future nurses who have grown up in the digital age-namely with facebook, podcasts etc and the general state-of-mind on how younger students expect to learn today.  It was interesting on several counts.

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My “Midwife Crisis”

Ok.  First off I would like to thank my buddy Vicki for coining the phrase “midwife crisis”.  She’s a funny gal, who happens to be very supportive of my decision to go back to school at age 40.  And it truly was a crisis…….

On Monday, I emailed the wonderful midwifery director to tell her that I would be re-applying to the program for May 2010.  (YAY!)

Although I have wanted this for 18 years, when I withdrew my first application last spring, I was somewhat relieved.  I hadn’t really re-visited my feelings on the subject too often, until just last Sunday when the overwhelming urge to birth babies came back and hit my like a ton of bricks.  Then, after a conversation with my hubby, it was decided that I needed to do this once-and-for-all.  Then I got scared- the sick to the stomach kind.

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