VBAC Victory!

I’m so pleased that CNN decided to post a follow up to the Szabo story.  The Szabos had to relocate so that they could have a VBAC because their local hospital changed their policy and refused to let them deliver vaginally.

On December 5, their son Marcus Anthony was born in Phoenix via an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, weighing seven pounds and 13 ounces.  YAY!

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Could the Downturn in the Economy Positively Affect Birthing Women?

Every cloud has a silver lining right?  I wonder if the economic problems that are seeming to plague nearly every industry-including health care- might actually end up having a positive affect on the quality of birth experience for pregnant women and for the profession of midwifery as a whole.

Economically, hiring midwives makes sense. Generally speaking, a midwife who is employed by a hospital or birthing center earns anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a year, (old stats) where as a family physician earns upwards of $120K and an obstetrician can earn $200K or more.  If an established practice or hospital is looking for a birth practitioner to join their group, it would make fiscal sense to consider hiring a nurse-midwife!

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