Johns Hopkins Article on Nursing School 2.0

I have lived in my house for seven years and today I received some mail that was addressed to the former residents of my home.  It was an alumni publication from Johns Hopkins Nursing School.  Now, I have never received any such type publication in the last seven years so I was confused (was the person who lived here a nurse?  I didn’t know that), but I decided to read it as it pertained to nursing school.  The name of the article is Nursing School 2.0 and it deals with the issues that nursing schools are facing in educating future nurses who have grown up in the digital age-namely with facebook, podcasts etc and the general state-of-mind on how younger students expect to learn today.  It was interesting on several counts.

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A Healthy New Approach To Health Care

This is a great New York Times magazine article about healthcare. Well, really it’s an article about one man (Brent James) who is trying to change health care by trying to standardize doctors approaches to certain health issues based on evidence. Apparently doctors don’t particularly care to be ‘standardized’ and his approach actually loses hospitals money but, patient outcomes are significantly better and his approaches eliminate waste in the form of needless tests and procedures.

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