Reiki- Oh what a feeling!

I had previously posted about my interest in and practice of Reiki. In the first week of January I finally attended my Reiki training and got attuned to Level 1. Very exciting stuff.

I had no idea what was going to happen because ‘attunement’ is such strange thing really. Basically you are subject to a ritual and no one knows why it works, but its purpose is to allow you to channel universal energy without having the energy of the person you are working on come back into you. This is important because using healing energy on others can make you sick if you are not careful. Attunement will also help make the conduit of energy stronger. My instructor, Shari Krauser explained how attunement can also effect your life in other ways. People have been known to manifest long-desired dreams, and become more intuitive and almost psychic.

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Malpresentations, malpositions, asyncliticism-OH MY!

I have only delivered a few babies in my life, and all have been ‘by accident’.  Basically, the doctor failed to show up on time.  Obviously, with these children, there was no issue of malpresentation- they were COMING OUT- no matter what.  : )

However, one of things that keeps me up a night when I think about embarking on a career as a midwife (the person actually in charge of helping the baby come out-yikes) is what we called ‘asynclitic’ babies- those who’s heads are not in the preferred position to get born.  Their little heads are turned in such a way that it can make labor long, dilation difficult and can result in c-section if not resolved.  There are lots of ways to deal with minor malpresentations, and in this post, I am gathering up tips and tricks to educated myself, so every birth IN my dreams, comes out like the birth OF my dreams.

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Midwives and Passports in South Texas

Back in the 1990’s  75 midwives in the South Texas area were convicted of filing false birth certificates claiming to have delivered babies in the United States that were actually born elsewhere-mostly in Mexico.  This was one way for babies to gain US citizenship without the mothers risking their lives to cross the border to gain citizenship for their babies. I know it was illegal, but if only women ran the world……

For those of you who don’t know this, it is pretty common practice for pregnant women to enter into the US to deliver their babies so they can gain US Citizenship. (I am looking for statistics on this and not having an easy time finding them.) It’s an issue of contention for people against illegal immigration.

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No Pain, Less Gain.

I have quite a few friends who never considered birthing without pain management.  They share stories of playing card games and reading magazines until it was time to push.  Their births were a big ‘ol party.  Heck, I have attended many such births when I worked in Women’s Services at St. Vincent Hospital.  On a 12 hour night shift, I would be lying if I didn’t say that sometimes I though epidurals were a blessing.  As a nurse, it’s not nearly as hard to attend an epiduralized labor.  You can leave the room, and usually the birthing woman could care less.

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