Get Me Out!- Birth History Teaches Lessons for the Present

I think I have to get this book. It’s called Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank By Randi Hutter Epstein. The author was recently interviewed on “Fresh Air” from NPR and I had a chance today to read the excerpt (linked above) and listen to the interview. Although her bit about Eve was a little too matter of fact for me (did that really happen- the whole rib, and apple thing?) it seems like an interesting and intriguing book worth a read for all interested in birth. We need to know the history because if we don’t know where we’ve been, then we don’t know where we’re going-right?

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Midwives and Birthing Centers are the Answer to US Healthcare Problems

As I continue to read through the evidenced-based maternity report, I am more and more convinced that moving towards midwifery based care and free-standing birthing centers could be the answer to many of our country’s healthcare woes. Charges for childbirth vary considerably depending on the type and place of birth. “The average hospital charge in 2005 ranged from about $7,000 for an uncomplicated vaginal birth to about $16,000 for a complicated cesarean section, yet out-of-hospital birth centers were about one-quarter of the charges of uncomplicated vaginal birth in hospitals ($1,624 in 2003, when the national average charge for uncomplicated vaginal birth in hospitals was $6,239) three-quarters of the expense concentrated in the hospital stay.”

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Preterm Babies- Finally They Mentioned the C word.

The Health Day Reporter posted an article today citing statistics from the report:  Born A Bit Too Early: Recent Trends in Late Preterm Births, issued by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, stating that “The percentage of babies born preterm in the United States rose by more than 20 percent from 1990 to 2006, most delivered at the end of the preterm period, federal health officials report.”

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Birth- Web 2.0 Style

Wow!  Did you hear this?  A 23 year old woman from Minnesota broadcasted her labor and delivery on the internet. Thousands of people signed up to watch the 7 hour labor.  She even ‘chatted’ with many of the viewers until things got too intense!  Oh, and this was a midwife assisted birth!  YAY!   This is believed to be a first.  It’s so hard to believe that just 40 years ago, the dad was typically not allowed in the room during a hospital birth, and now this……amazing.  Here’s the recap– in her own words.

What VBAC’s and Abortions Now Have in Common


Joy and Jeff Szabo will need to be separated by 300 miles, and most likely he won’t be at the birth of their child. Neither Jeff or Joy is in the military.  The Szabo’s live in a town whose hospital has decided to ban VBAC. (Vaginal Delivery after C-Section)  This town is PAGE, ARIZONA.  (sorry, had to put it in caps as a warning) but it could also be basically the entire southern half of New Mexico, and half the other places around the country.  Joy has had a successful VBAC already at this same hospital.  Joy was threatened with a court order, by the hospital’s CEO if she attempted to enter that hospital and refuse a c-section.  Although grateful for the c-section that saved her son Michael’s life, she refused to be forced to have a c-section and has instead elected to deliver vaginally at a hospital 300 miles away.

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Hospital Birth- Why Women Don’t Do It.

This opinion piece put out by notable Yale professors today slams the media for misrepresenting midwifery.

It is rebuttal directed at the recent ‘story’ aired on the Today show called “The Perils of Home Birth” (which was originally going to be titled “The Perils of Midwifery”.)

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