Separation of Church and Birth Control?

The Roman Catholic Church prohibits sterilization. Many women, particularly those who have just had a baby, choose sterilization (also known as a tubal ligation) as a permanent form of birth control after they have decided not to have more children. This procedure is also very commonly performed immediately after a c-section (which accounts for 30% of all births these days) when a woman chooses it.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in Southeastern Arizona has recently partnered with Carondelet Health Network, a Catholic not-for-profit health care system that follows the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, as a condition of the partnership, the hospital will stop performing sterilization procedures. The CEO of Sierra Vista insists that ‘we are not taking away anyone’s rights,” and states that these procedures can be done in a doctor’s office.

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Nuvaring Alert-no wait, Birth Control Alert.

Did you know?

There are currently 223 federal NuvaRing suits pending in the MDL, with another 90 cases filed in various state courts throughout the United States. All of the claims involve allegations that problems with NuvaRing caused women to suffer blood-clot related injuries, such as pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), stroke, heart attack or sudden death.

I decided to look and see the safety records of other hormonal birth control methods to compare. Many have been recalled and of the ones on the market, it seems that none are 100% safe and many (if not all) have at least one death associated with its use.
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“W” is Still Haunting Us

Apparently Africa is having a baby boom and it’s thanks to George W. Bush and his policies. This is not a good thing either.

When it comes to Africa and AIDS, George W. Bush has enjoyed praise even from liberals. From some estimations, this was the one thing in his abysmal presidency that he actually got right. He has poured billions of dollars into AIDS relief and is considered to have saved millions of lives by supplying the AIDS drugs that are prolonging lives all over Africa. He did all this pretty quietly, without a lot of publicity and fanfare. He did it because his ‘faith’ told him to-in the form of lobbyists from Christian missionary groups working in Africa.
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