CRAZY doctor!

This is just appalling. I think I will need to create another blog category called “bizarro”. Apparently one Dr. Alinson, of Orange County, California used a cauterizer to etch the name of a patient on her uterus during a hysterectomy so as not to get it confused with others. The patient wanted pictures of the operation because she suffered burns on her legs during the procedure (also bizarre). I am literally at a loss for words. Needless to say, he is being sued.

Sorry it’s Been Awhile

I’m finding it hard to find the inspiration to write about news related to midwifery right now. It seems that it’s all the same old stories. Clinics closing, midwives fighting for their rights, and endless articles about what the hell midwifery is, and why midwives are different. Really? After all these years, it seems we are still in the business of educating the public, and fighting the misconceptions about the safety of midwifery as doled out by our lovely friends at the AMA- and the fear mongerers. (Hey, that would be a great band name! AMA and the Fear Mongerers)

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A Nice Article About Birthing Centers

This expose’ on new birthing center in the Twin Cities highlights all the great things that a birthing center can bring to a community.

In Minnesota, mothers have been increasingly turning to home births as an alternative to hospitals. Yet there are a contingent of pregnant women who like the ‘happy medium’ that birthing centers provide. Mom’s are still leaving home to be taken care of, but enjoy the benefits of midwifery care in a setting that is not over-medicalized, and is more equipped to deal with minor medical issues. In addition this new center, another Minneapolis birthing center is scheduled to open next month, and yet another is in the works.

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Postpartum Care in Santa Fe

Last year, I built a website for one of my former colleagues, Joy Lanumn, RN. It’s called the Santa Fe Birthing Community and it’s a network of a couple of women who offer prenatal classes, doula services, and then postpartum assistance, help with care for multiples (twins, triplets etc) or premies and breastfeeding support and assistance.

joyBW200Joy provides all the postpartum help and does it in the comfort of your home. She is very reasonably priced (on a sliding scale). Joy is a Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Consultant with many, many years experience in postpartum support. She has a wealth of knowledge and good connections to other services in Santa Fe. If you know of anyone who is need of these types of services, I encourage you to call her. 505-984-8225 or visit her site on Santa Fe Postpartum Care

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Johns Hopkins Article on Nursing School 2.0

I have lived in my house for seven years and today I received some mail that was addressed to the former residents of my home.  It was an alumni publication from Johns Hopkins Nursing School.  Now, I have never received any such type publication in the last seven years so I was confused (was the person who lived here a nurse?  I didn’t know that), but I decided to read it as it pertained to nursing school.  The name of the article is Nursing School 2.0 and it deals with the issues that nursing schools are facing in educating future nurses who have grown up in the digital age-namely with facebook, podcasts etc and the general state-of-mind on how younger students expect to learn today.  It was interesting on several counts.

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Could the Downturn in the Economy Positively Affect Birthing Women?

Every cloud has a silver lining right?  I wonder if the economic problems that are seeming to plague nearly every industry-including health care- might actually end up having a positive affect on the quality of birth experience for pregnant women and for the profession of midwifery as a whole.

Economically, hiring midwives makes sense. Generally speaking, a midwife who is employed by a hospital or birthing center earns anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a year, (old stats) where as a family physician earns upwards of $120K and an obstetrician can earn $200K or more.  If an established practice or hospital is looking for a birth practitioner to join their group, it would make fiscal sense to consider hiring a nurse-midwife!

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Breastfeeding is Not for Sissies

Although the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until age 2, and the American Academy of Pediatrics until at least age 1 only 73% of women try it, and of those women only 43% are still breastfeeding at 6 months.  That means that at 6 months just 4 out of 10 babies are still getting natures best food.  Why is that?

Most moms I know want to do what is best for their kids but there is something about breastfeeding that lacks appeal.  Sure there are communities of women around the country (and the world) who proudly and openly breastfeed their kids until age 2 or beyond and support each other, but for the most part our culture is just not set up to support breastfeeding.

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