Santa Fe Has a Birth Center!

In April 2014, The Birth Center at Southwest CARE opened their doors!  The birth center is part of the Southwest Care Center non-profit organization that has historically served the HIV and Hepatitis C population and has more recently expanded to include family medicine and women’s health.  The company is pleased to offer another birthing option to Santa Fe women in a community that up until now has had only hospital and home birth as available choices for birth.

The center is staffed by two Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM),  Maite Redondo Cladera and Lori Pearson Kramer.  Maite was formerly employed as a Nurse Practitioner and CNM at La Familia Medical Center in Santa Fe, and was the first midwife to secure privileges at St. Vincent Hospita back in 2008.  She is now the Associate Director of the birth center and has been instrumental in creating and implementing the vision.  Lori was working as a CNM in Las Vegas, NM and had a small home-birth practice prior to the center’s opening.

The birth center is a free-standing facility with a home-like setting.  It features two birthing suites, birth tubs for labor and water birth, a kitchenette, a lending library and a comfortable living space where orientations and child birth classes are offered.  “It is an excellent option for healthy women who are committed to a natural birth but may not necessarily be comfortable giving birth in their own home”, says Maite.

In addition to comprehensive prenatal care, natural birth and postpartum care, the midwives also offer women’s health care, including pap’s, birth control, prescriptions, and sexual health screenings.  The goal is to provide safe, empowering, holistic health care for any woman in the community during any stage of her life, and to make birth center services available to all women and their families.

They are currently and happily accepting new patients.  You can visit the website or give the midwives a call at 505-395-2311 to schedule an appointment or an orientation.