Sorry it’s Been Awhile

I’m finding it hard to find the inspiration to write about news related to midwifery right now. It seems that it’s all the same old stories. Clinics closing, midwives fighting for their rights, and endless articles about what the hell midwifery is, and why midwives are different. Really? After all these years, it seems we are still in the business of educating the public, and fighting the misconceptions about the safety of midwifery as doled out by our lovely friends at the AMA- and the fear mongerers. (Hey, that would be a great band name! AMA and the Fear Mongerers)

Pretty soon, I will be starting school- and it can’t happen a moment too soon as far as this blog is concerned. I can’t wait to have other things to write about. Positive things. Interesting things. Thought provoking things. Sure, I’m sure I’ll write about stress, and how I am fairing with school, a job, a TA position, and three kids (one of whom is a full-fledged teenager). But, that’s what makes blogs interesting. Right?