A Sad Day in New York

St. Vincent Hospital, in Greenwich Village, Manhattan closed its doors, and had it’s last mom deliver her baby yesterday morning. Very happy for her, very sad for the staff and the moms of NY. St. Vincent had been serving New York women for 160 years (!) but had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, finally closing its doors late Thursday.

St. Vincent Hospital was ‘extremely midwife friendly‘ and had an overall philosophy of ‘minimally invasive obstetrics.’ “The array of alternatives at St. Vincent’s, in Greenwich Village, was about as extensive as any pregnant women could want, whether you require a planned Caesarean or you want to give birth at home on your couch, it was geared for everything.”

Now Manhattan women are left scrambling to find a place to have babies where natural birth is accepted, nurtured and encouraged. It was also the ‘transfer’ hospital of choice for midwives who assist with home births. It’s closing might also put home birth midwives back-up plans in jeopardy.

As a former New Yorker I am deeply saddened by this news. What a very terrible state of affairs for the future moms of New York. I hope someone, somewhere will step up to the plate and provide similar services to what were available at St. Vincent’s.