Parenting-It Ain’t Easy

Great article in the Huffington Post in response to a story about a seven year old Russian boy, adopted by a single mom from the US and then returned to Russia after she found him to be too difficult to parent. Wow.

In the article she suggests that all parents get a ‘parenting permit’ so they can have a few tools at their disposal for those tough times.

Here’s the Parenting Permit Pledge:

“1. Are you prepared to feel ignorant some of the time?
2. Are you willing to accept that, on “bad hair days,” you might want to “throw in the towel?”
3. Are you willing to get help, as needed, knowing your challenge is not about personal failure, be you a newborn mom or an aging mom?
4. Are you willing to open your heart to more joy, even if this joy is preceded by growing pains for you and your child?
5. Are you willing to open your mind, and let this child teach you?
6. Are you willing to discover who this child is, support their blooming, letting go of who you’d prefer them to be to meet your standards?
7. Are you willing to cultivate a bigger sense of humor? (You’ll need it!)
8. Are you prepared to give up taking things personally, even if it’s inconvenient?
9. Do you accept that this child is not YOUR child, but a person on loan, from a mysterious Source called Love, who you are to raise, cherish,
and support their transition into a world needing their gifts?
10. Are you willing to “light up,” when your child comes into the room, letting them know, in good times and bad, that you are behind them 100 percent, even if you don’t always understand, or don’t know how to best express this love?

My heart breaks for that little boy from Russia.