Johns Hopkins Article on Nursing School 2.0

I have lived in my house for seven years and today I received some mail that was addressed to the former residents of my home.  It was an alumni publication from Johns Hopkins Nursing School.  Now, I have never received any such type publication in the last seven years so I was confused (was the person who lived here a nurse?  I didn’t know that), but I decided to read it as it pertained to nursing school.  The name of the article is Nursing School 2.0 and it deals with the issues that nursing schools are facing in educating future nurses who have grown up in the digital age-namely with facebook, podcasts etc and the general state-of-mind on how younger students expect to learn today.  It was interesting on several counts.

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Autism- New Statistics

The latest analysis of 2006 medical records states that nearly 1% of children born in the US have been diagnosed with autism. Because the instance of autism in boys is 4x greater than girls, one in seven boys will be diagnosed with the disorder.

Scientists don’t know if the increase is due to more diagnoses or if there truly is this significant of an increase.

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VBAC Victory!

I’m so pleased that CNN decided to post a follow up to the Szabo story.  The Szabos had to relocate so that they could have a VBAC because their local hospital changed their policy and refused to let them deliver vaginally.

On December 5, their son Marcus Anthony was born in Phoenix via an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, weighing seven pounds and 13 ounces.  YAY!

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Nuvaring Alert-no wait, Birth Control Alert.

Did you know?

There are currently 223 federal NuvaRing suits pending in the MDL, with another 90 cases filed in various state courts throughout the United States. All of the claims involve allegations that problems with NuvaRing caused women to suffer blood-clot related injuries, such as pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), stroke, heart attack or sudden death.

I decided to look and see the safety records of other hormonal birth control methods to compare. Many have been recalled and of the ones on the market, it seems that none are 100% safe and many (if not all) have at least one death associated with its use.
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“W” is Still Haunting Us

Apparently Africa is having a baby boom and it’s thanks to George W. Bush and his policies. This is not a good thing either.

When it comes to Africa and AIDS, George W. Bush has enjoyed praise even from liberals. From some estimations, this was the one thing in his abysmal presidency that he actually got right. He has poured billions of dollars into AIDS relief and is considered to have saved millions of lives by supplying the AIDS drugs that are prolonging lives all over Africa. He did all this pretty quietly, without a lot of publicity and fanfare. He did it because his ‘faith’ told him to-in the form of lobbyists from Christian missionary groups working in Africa.
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Dads Get Postpartum Depression Too? Who Knew?

We all know that postpartum depression can be a serious issue for new moms, but did you know that about 4% of fathers get it too? Dads that are most likely to get some form of postpartum depression are partners of moms that also have the condition- so this would be a relatively easy way to screen for it. If the mom isn’t doing well, ask her how the Dad is doing. Partners of depressed moms are two and one half times more likely to be suffering from some stress or depression.

If you think about it, it makes total sense. Simply the stress and change of lifestyle can have chemical effects on the brain that can lead to depression.
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Determine Fetal Descent without an Internal Exam.

I know this is probably going to sound weird, but when I was a L&D nurse, I really liked doing vaginal exams. There was something so cool about feeling the cervix with a little head (hopefully) pushing up against it…and I was very good at it. Gentle and accurate. But, I do know that no matter how gentle you are, they tend to be uncomfortable for birthing women which is why I was excited to read about this ‘method’ of determining the location of the fetal head without an exam.

The best part was that I had already been practicing it!!!!
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